Strata Financial

How we take care of your finances

Strata Financial offer independent financial advice to individuals and businesses specifically designed around their individual circumstances.

We will help you to review your existing financial situation and reach a representative assessment of your likely needs. For this, you will need to put aside some time to talk to us - the first half hour consultation is free. There's no charge, and no obligation, whilst we assess whether it is worth going ahead.

Depending on your instructions we will then perform a 'needs analysis' built on your current situation, and taking a view of any plans or goals you may have. We will proceed to advise you on anything from a short term financial strategy to a lifetime financial plan, followed up with regular reviews.

Financial Planning process

1. Getting to know you

We will usually schedule an initial consultation (face to face or online) so you can tell us what you are looking for and we can outline how we do things at Strata. We will show you a presentation to help you decide if we are the right firm to assist you over the years ahead. There is no commitment from you and no advice from us, either personal or generic.

2. Information Gathering

If you wish to proceed, we will gather information from you and give you access to our Finance Portal where we can securely share documents and communicate.

3. Research and Analysis

We will provide statements of your net worth, income and expenditure and use our technologies to analyse your current situation and research your existing arrangements.

4. Presenting your Financial Plan

Discuss and explain our recommendations in line with your Financial Objectives.

5. Implementing your Plan

When you wish to implement recommendations, we will finalise the research, issue a written report explaining our advice and the suitability of any recommended product(s), provider(s) and investment strategy(ies), fully outline all the associated costs, give you key information about each product, assist you in completing all the necessary paperwork and liaise with the product providers on your behalf.

6. Annual Review

We will schedule a consultation (face to face, online or telephone) to review the performance and suitability of your arrangements and take account of changed circumstances, attitudes, the economy, taxation and legislation to help you achieve your objectives. We will provide advice on request and in addition - if you are in a Strata Risk Managed Investment Portfolio, we will offer you our Quarterly Performance Update Service which provides ongoing fund monitoring, quarterly performance statistics, commentaries and fund recommendations, portfolio rebalancing and 24/7 online valuations via our Finance Portal.

You might like to look at our Life Stages guide, which could be helpful when considering various commitments and events during the phases of your life.