Create, Enjoy, Protect

What we do

We help you achieve your desired lifestyle

To be financially well organised is an objective of many, achieved by few. We help our clients organise their affairs, create and protect capital and achieve their desired lifestyle. Our advice is proactive, independent and objective

Our Services

Personal planning and mentoring service / Financial plan

We offer our clients a personal planning and mentoring service together with a comprehensive financial plan. These combined elements have evolved over the years and help clients to have a very clear view of where they are now, where they want to get to and what needs to happen to get them there.

Strata Advisory Service

For the solution to a specific problem or issue we are happy to tailor the Strata Planning Service to your needs.

Forthcoming Seminars

You and a guest are invited to attend, free of charge, one of Strata's informative seminars for business owners and shareholding directors who wish to:

  • save money by using efficient tax planning strategies
  • use their business to achieve personal lifestyle goals
  • protect their business in difficult times.

How our services would benefit you

Helping you add balance to your life

By helping you add to the quality of your life through better planning of your investments and your business, financial and tax arrangement. Being financially organised in today's complicated world. Some people feel their lives have become unbalanced and they are not enjoying the quality of life they desire.

Helping you make the most from your assets

Some people have assets but insufficient cash; for others the fun has gone out of much of what they do and feel a need to develop their lives in a slightly different way

We can help.

What sort of people do we advise?

Company directors, professionals or private investors

Most people are company directors, professionals or private investors. Although many are entrepreneurs, some are very cautious investors.

Driven by the desire to be financially independent and protect those they care about

Most plan to be financially independent and want their families to be secure in the event of their death or disablement. They want to minimise their tax liabilities and have a good standard of living with a strong capital base, high income and sufficient quality time.